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Normally, the arati is done just after we chant the slokas for mahaa niraajana and karpura deepa. All the devotees sing the arati bhajan, while one by one each person comes and gives arati. The arati plate normally has 5 small diyas (with cotton balls dipped in oil and with a fine tiri -end). Some kumukum and flowers should also be kept in the plate.

The arati is done at the puja altar, accompanied by the ghanta (bell) and once everyone completes the arati, we take it to the regular altar (assuming these are different), show it there, come back and offer arati to the bell. We also offer kumkum and flowers to the bell, prostrate and then offer the arati to the devotees.

Here, all pujas are attended by minimum 40 to max 100+. So we have one or 2 aratis depending on the size of the crowd. Since this takes a lot of time, while the devotees offer the arati, the people who are doing the puja complete all other slokas upto the mantra pushpam.

Once the arati is over we chant the mantra pushpam after which everybody offers akshata or flowers. After the visarjana puja, we offer a karpura arati in a similar fashion.}


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Last Updated on 07/05/03