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1. Garuda's mudra:

taarksha.gif (6391 bytes)

interlock both little fingers (forms tail);

bring back of the knuckels together;

join the thumb (forms beak);

six fingers form the wings of garuda.

2 Dhenu mudra :
  (Kaama dhenu)

dhenu.gif (5775 bytes)


hold both hands together with fingers touching each other forming a hollow and four sets of fingers forming the nipples of udder of cow.

3 Shankh mudra:

shankha.gif (4922 bytes)

All fingers of right hand push between the thumb and the fore finger of left hand. Other fingers of left hand grip the right hand forming a shankha like mudra.

4 chakra mudra:

chakra.gif (3698 bytes)

Spread all fingers wide. bring the right hand on top of left hand with palms touching each other, and little finger of right hand touching the thumb of left hand and vice versa. A chakra formation is shown.


5 Meru mudra:

meru.gif (6302 bytes)

Clasp both hands interlocking all fingers in between each other. Open only middle fingers pointing down to earth. a form of gadaa is shown.


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