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OM bhuurbhuvaH svaH tatsaviturvareNyam.h
bhargo devasya dhiimahi dhiyo yo naH prachodayaat.h |

OM. I adore the Divine Self who illuminates the three worlds -physical, astral and causal; I offer my prayers to that God who shines like the Sun. May He enlighten our intellect.

This mantra is considered to be the greatest of all Mantras. Those who repeat this mantra with devotion develop a brilliant intellect. This Mantra grants health of body and mind, and also success, peace, prosperity and spiritual enlightment.


Hari Om 
pranaams to SAB Guruji and satsanghees 3-10 and 10+ too!

Congratulations and goodwishes for the noble and essential project of Gyan
Bharati classes. A most wonderful and meaningful question/quest indeed.
As desired we endeavour to discuss this Mahamantra at two levels based on
audiance receptivity:

Bala (young) satsanghees:

The founder of this mahamantra (invocation to the Lord or meaningful prayer
to the Lord) is sage Vishwaamitra Rishi. He was born a king, and after
loosing battles after battles with sage Vasistha by using various arms and
ammunition, he prayed to the Lord for many many years and attained a higher
degree of knowledge with the title "Rajarshi" meaning, even being a king,
he also attained a high level of knowledge of the Lord; but he wanted to
attain the same level as Vasistha, that is to become a "Brahmarshi" "
knowler of Brahma", ie, the one who sees in everybody else the same Lord;
simply put, the one who loves everybody equally and acknowledges that the
Great universal power called by different names is ONE SINGLE ENTITY.
After lot more study, practise, he finally attains that knowledge and is
one among the "Saptharshis" "7 great knowledgeable and realised teachers"

The prayer "Gayatri Mantra" is addressed to the Lord Sooryanarayana, or
"Sun God"; Sun is the everyday visible (exception North/South poles!) power
of that Universal Power/Lord and is the LIFE SUSTAINING POWER FOR ALL,

You all know that early morning without fail everyday He rises and if we
have slept well in time in the previous night, we too automatically get up
or our sleepy nature quickly departs, and we are "up and about" "fresh";
when your parents ask you to do some ticklish maths or science study just
before bed-time, you would say " I will do it tomorrow morning when I am
fresh or my brain is clear!"

1. So we pray to Him "I pray for clear and steady mind, without doubts
about what my teachers and parents teach"

2. I pray that I do not unnecessarily get angry just because something
being told is not agreeable to me at my present state of knowledge; I will
analyse it without passion( impartially) and accept it.

3. Just as the brilliant rays of sunshine/sunrays brighten up the whole
world/universe, I pray the Lord expands my knowledge base and fills any
vacuums (dark spots) of "ignorance" with the Light of Knowledge, through my
teachers and parents/friends teachings, by observing good practice, etc.
A room may be in total darkness for 100 years, but the instant a candle or
a lamp is lit in that room, it does not take 100 years for the "darkness"
to leave the room, it is "dispelled" instantly. Similarly, Oh Lord, is the
Power of Your rays of bright knowledge -Let that shine one me..

4.I pray that You enhance my undrstanding of how to live in this world in
harmony with the nature and the beings (animals,human beings included!)

5. I pray that by listening to such teachings and practising good conduct,
I be made aware quickly whenever I am not on the right path, so that I can
correct my course quickly and get back into the RIGHT TRACK, in my studies,
in my relationships, in my workplace, in my society and World at large.

6. I pray that the Lord gives me such clear and right judgement power over
my own anticipated action-plan or impulsive actions/decisions I take,
without having to deliberate for long on "what is right action and what is
not-right action"(Dharma-Adharma)

7. I pray that the Lord grants me the power to undrstand various
simple/complex situations in the life, and how to appropriately and
correctly conduct myself in my meeting and associations with people of
different personalities/traits, and Oh Lord, pray that by Your Grace let my
actions be always Right.

SUN is our greatest benefactor. Sun is the source of energy to plant
life, He evaporates the seawater and thus enable us to get sweet rain-water
which is the source of all rivers and our only source of water (even the
desalinated water supply is also possible only because the seawater in the
ocean is constantly replenished by Him by rains in one part of the world or
the other, or through the Greenhouse effect, accumulated 'storage of sweet
water" ice/snow melts to supplement the source of water!.) He gives us
light, He gives us heat, He gives coolness (Moon is the reflection of
sunlight as you know); he is the processor of all food (plant life
germinates, grows, flowers, bears fruits/vegetables, fruits ripe and
vegetables grow to the required consumuable state, and old plants/dead
animals etc dry up and merge back with the mother earth thus cleansing the
Environment); He ensures that the plant life/trees produce oxygen for us.
And above all, he is TIME, we count yesterday,today,tomorrow everything on
the basis of HIS MOVEMENT. So to that Lord of UTMOST POWER AND GREATNESS

SUN never fails and does His Duty EVERYDAY AT ALL TIMES. Once Anjaneya
(Maruthi,Hanumanji) approached SUN UNIVERSITY (Sun God) and requested him
to teach him ALL KNOWLEDGE. The Sun Lord said "I cannot stop and teach,
if you are prepared to follow me day and night, I will continue my daily
duties to the World and at the same time teach you too. The great and
gallant Hanumanji (He was only 10 year old at that time) not only agreed to
learn whilst travelling, but with utmost humility and respect to his
Teacher the Sun Lord, learnt ALL KNOWLEDGE in 60 days by traversing
backwards (facing the Lord all the time) at equal speed!
Now don't you want to say "Three cheers to Lord Sun" (and Shri Ramadasa

That is what we do in the above Great prayer Shri Gayatri Mahamantra in
"Sanskrit" language.


Above discussion has extended beyond the normal "one page rule" set by
our Guruji for cyber satsangh contributions. Fortunately, I have the
plausible excuse "you have asked the Mother of All Questions!" As you know
the 4th Ch B.G. Lord Krishna starts saying that originally he gave the
"Knowledge" to Vivaswaan (Sun Lord); even the summary/ 1st dhyana sloka of
Shrimad Bhagavata "Janmaadhysya yatoo...... Satyam Param Dheemahi" is
considered by Great Acharyas as explanation of this Great Mahamantra - in
other words the Lord is this Mantra and the total connotation, so far
fathomed by Great Rishis or "unfathomable"(Achinthya) KNOWLEDGE IS THIS
SOOYAPRAKASHA, "Knowledge Light".

Hari Om, Shashi Rao


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