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shrii datta guru karuNaashhTakaM (sharaNaashhTakaM)

/ :i d: g:, k,N:ak , (S:rN:ak) /

d:a*:y: t:v: S:rN:, d:a*:y: t:v: S:rN:m: /
Oh Dattatreya, Datta natha, I surrender to you.

e*:g:N:atm:k e*:g:N:at:it:a e*:B:v:n: p:al:k t:v: S:rN:m: .
S:a:t: m:t: t:v: S:rN: Sy:am: s:dr t:v: S:rN:m: / 1/
1. You are the three gunas - Satva, Rajas and Tamas. You are beyond the three Gunas. You are the protector of the three worlds. I surrender to you. You are eternal. You are Vishnu, the dark blue one. I surrender to you.

S:\:aB:rN:a S:\:B:\:N: S:\:S:aey: g:, t:v: S:rN:m: .
\:RB:j: m:t: t:v: S:rN: \:RB:j: y:et:v:r t:v: S:rN:m: / 2/
2. A serpent is your ornament. You are adorned with a serpent. You are Vishnu reclining on the serpent Shesha. To that Guru I surrender. You have six arms and you are all pervading. You are a yathi with six arms. To that one I surrender.

dR km:Rl: g:da p:kr S:K: c:#D:r t:v: S:rN:m: .
k,N:a en:D: t:v: S:rN: k,N:a s:ag:r t:v: S:rN:m: / 3/
3. You are adorned with Danda, Kamandalu, Gada, Padma, Shanka and Chakra. To that Vishnu I surrender. You are an ocean of compassion. To that Dattatreya, I surrender.

:ip:ad :i v:ll:B: g:,v:r n:res:h s:rsv:et: t:v: S:rN:m: .
:i g:,n:aT: t:v: S:rN: s:, n:aT: t:v: S:rN:m: / 4/
4. You are Guru Sripada Vallabha, Narasimha Saraswati. You are Gurunatha and Sadgurunatha. To that Guru I surrender.

k\N:a s:g:m: t:,v:r v:as:a B:Vt: v:ts:l: t:v: S:rN:m: .
kp:a en:D: t:v: S:rN: kp:a s:ag:r t:v: S:rN:m: / 5/
5. You live in the Sangam of the Krishna river. You have love for devotees. You are an ocean of kindness. To that one I surrender.

kp:a kXax: kp:av:l:akn: kp:a en:D: )B: t:v: S:rN:m: .
kal:at:k t:v: S:rN: kal: n:aS:k t:v: S:rN:m: / 6/
6. Your very glance is grace for your devotees. You are a treasury of mercy. You are Time and you are the annihilator of Time to that one I surrender.

p:N:an:d p:N: p:rS: p:raN: p:,\: t:v: S:rN:m: .
j:g:diS: t:v: S:rN: j:g:aT: t:v: S:rN:m: / 7/
7. You are full of bliss. You are perfect. You are Iswara, the giver of salvation. You are Vishnu, Lord of the three worlds. To that Lord I surrender.

j:g:t: p:al:k j:g:dadiS: j:g:daar t:v: S:rN:m: .
AeK:l:ant:r t:v: S:rN: AeK:l::r t:v: S:rN:m: / 8/
8. Oh protector of the universe, you are the Lord of the whole world. You are the redeemer of the world. You are entire time and space. I surrender to you.

B:Vt: e)y: v:$ p:j:r )s: v:V*: t:v: S:rN:m: .
edg:b:r t:v: S:rN: din:dy:a G:n: t:v: S:rN:m: / 9/
9. You have love for devotees. Oh Lord Shiva, you are always the embodiment of peace. You are blue in color and you are the sky. You have compassion for the poor and the humble. To that one I surrender.

din:an:aT: din:dy:al: din:aar t:v: S:rN:m: .
t:p:a m:t: t:v: S:rN: t:j:araeS: t:v: S:rN:m: / 10/
10. You are the Lord of the poor, you have mercy for the poor and you are the redeemer of the poor. Oh all pervading ascetic, you are brilliance. To that one I surrender.

b:an:d b: s:n:at:n: b: m:ahn: t:v: S:rN:m: .
ev::atm:k t:v: S:rN: ev:: rx:k t:v: S:rN:m: / 11/
11. You are the supreme bliss. You are ancient, timeless. You are Brahman engaged in divine play. Oh protector of the universe, you are the Supreme Being. I surrender to you.

ev::aB:r ev:: j:iv:n: ev:: p:ratp:r t:v: S:rN:m: .
ev:Gn:at:k t:v: S:rN: ev:Gn: n:aS:k t:v: S:rN:m: / 12/
12. You are the Supreme Spirit, the all-pervading Vishnu. You are the giver of life for the universe. You are the remover of obstacles. To that one I surrender.

)N:v:at:it: )m:v:D:n: )kaS: m:t: t:v: S:rN:m: .
en:j:an:d t:v: S:rN: en:j:p:d day:k t:v: S:rN:m: / 13/
13. You are the OM. You are all pervading brilliance. You are bliss and the giver of salvation. To that one I surrender.

en:ty: en:rj:n: en:rakar en:raD:ar t:v: S:rN:m: .
ec:datm: -p: ec:dan:d ec:ts:K: kaR t:v: S:rN:m: / 14/
14. You are ever-lasting, without blemish and formless. You are the support of all and the Supreme Spirit. You are full of bliss and full of peace. To that Brahma, I surrender.

An:aed m:t: t:v: S:rN: AeK:l:av:t:ar t:v: S:rN:m: .
An:t:kaeX b:aR n:ay:k AG:at:it: G:Xn: t:v: S:rN:m: / 15/
15. You are the beginning, the eternal and the complete avatar. You are infinite, endless. You are the Lord of the Universe. You are the movable and immovable Brahman.

B:Vt:aar t:v: S:rN: B:Vt: rx:k t:v: S:rN:m: .
B:Vt:an:g:h g:, B:Vt: e)y: p:et:t:aar t:v: S:rN:m: / 16/
16. You are the redeemer of devotees, the protector of devotees. One who has devotion towards Guru will receive the grace of Him who is the redeemer of the poor and humble. To that one I surrender.

This is an abstract from 'Sri Guru Charitra' translated and compiled by Smt B Ramabai Shenoy, published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay. The author uses the proceeds from the sales of this book to sponsor scholarships for needy students in India.

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