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Puja Pages : Hindu Puja & Bhajans


Daily Religion Brief from THE HINDU  

What is Satsangh - By Guruji

Satsang - from THE HINDU  
Satsang - from Giri's Page  

Short Daily Puja

Mantras & Stotras  

Bhagawad Gita  

Shrii Siddhi Vinayaka   

Shrii Satyanarayana   

Shrii Raama  

Shrii Krishna  




Bhajans, Aaratii & Misc  

Talks & Discourses  


Picture Gallery  


Please Note:

Most documents on this site have been created using ITRANS or JTRANS for getting Devanagari output. These files can also be modified to get output in other Indian languages. You can refer to the Devanagari transliteration map for details of the transliteration scheme.   

The ITRANS devanagari output is available in multiple  formats - postscript or gif or as XDVNG web pages.   

These pages have been made possible by
Contributions from various satsanghiis, friends, family & visitors.

Bhajan Audios are by Meena Aithala,
ArtWork on Opening Page is By
Dhrup Chand,
Colorful AUM on the pages are from
Hinduism Today's Aum Collection.

Thank You All!

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