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On this page you will find the marathi bhajans from the ITRAN Song Book 3.1.
This is a partial listing of the ISB homesite at the URL

Click on "marathi" below to see the typeset documents in GIF format, or
on "ascii" to see them in the raw, ITRANS ascii format.  

             SONGTITLE                            Song#       Choose
aadhii biij ekale                                    4       marathi/ascii
aalii aalii ho go.ndhaLaalaa                         14      marathi/ascii
airaNiichyaa devaa                                   6       marathi/ascii
dehaachii tijorii                                    25      marathi/ascii
devaa tujhaa mii sonaar                              26      marathi/ascii
hari om.h hari om.h                                  41      marathi/ascii
he aadimaa he a.ntimaa                               42      marathi/ascii
kaanaDaa raajaa pa.nDhariichaa                       57      marathi/ascii
kheL maa.nDiyelaa                                    59      marathi/ascii
maage ubhaa ma.ngesh                                 64      marathi/ascii
nako devaraayaa                                      71      marathi/ascii
pratham tulaa va.ndito                               76      marathi/ascii
tujhe ruup chittii raaho                             100     marathi/ascii

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Last Updated on April 2, 1997